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About MITRO Design

Led by his passion for complex functional design, Juraj started designing and manufacturing his own car designs in the late 90s. First, there was the K1-Attack — in the current viewpoint a relatively conservative, yet striking design. This model, made with high-end composite materials, was what paved the way for more fascinating machines that were yet to come. Evolving through many race and road cars, Juraj eventually became the Head of design for Praga Cars, a European race car manufacturer, where he introduced its signature model, the PRAGA R1. Having always physically worked the material himself for over 20 years, Juraj has reached a high level of understanding for composites, allowing him to integrate form and function in truly complex and breathtaking designs.

This trade became the mark of Mitro design, a company Juraj runs with his wife Etela, a successful interior designer. They both studied (and met each other for the first time) at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. While Juraj was focusing on transport design, Etela chose the industrial path, interested in finding out what transforms just any design into a great design. She then took an apprenticeship working with glass and jewelry before eventually progressing into furniture solitaires. With her rich experience in designing luxury apartments, unique solutions for businesses, and even a church interior, Etela has mastered the craft of creating the perfect form, functionality, and feeling for each specific client.

Juraj and Etela’s newly presented line of carbon furniture represents the powerful potential of their partnership. For this designer couple, the pure and lightweight pieces are not just about the appearance of carbon. Their work is about creating artifacts of material wonders by pushing their structures beyond the edge of their perceived physical limits. Just like in the racing world.