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It may be hard to imagine, yet the very same materials used in top racing can create first-class comfort for you — in the form of a lounge chair. Silhouette is the perfect silent company when you want to put on some music, drink your coffee, or just unwind before a meeting. The ergonomically friendly, light, and elegant line floats on top of an ingenious tangle made out of carbon arms, while the highest-quality hand-sewn leather pillows are miraculously attached by magnets. Sit back. Relax. What a feeling…

Why this Chair?

  • A very comfortable, minimalist lounge chair
  • Flexible and ultra-thin full carbon construction
  • Pillows attached with neodymium magnets
  • Genuine leather color options
  • Finished with UV stable hard varnish
  • Color combination and shade of varnishing of your choice



Length186 cm6.10 ft
Height85 cm2.78 ft

Unique Shapes

Thanks to a Unique Material

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