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Invite symbols of excellence, precision, and performance into your workspace to inspire your future big ideas. The Infinity table combines two technical construction materials. One typical for top racing, the other used in aviation. Together, they create the perfect symbiosis and a unique look. A clear, legible, and dynamic design consists of a sprung, firm carbon desk and a duralium construction serving as the base. A fearless piece that doesn’t suit the ordinary.

Why this table?

  • Office desk
  • Exceptionally solid and stable
  • Bullet-proof version available on request
  • Carbon sandwich construction
    technology with internal reinforcing ribs
  • CNC machined aircraft aluminum alloy
    with adjustable stainless steel pads
  • Leather for the pads in the color
    of your choice
  • Finished with UV stable
    hard varnish
  • Color combination and shade
    of varnishing of your choice



Length160 cm5.25 ft
Depth101 cm3.31 ft
Height74 cm2.43 ft

Unique Shapes

Thanks to a Unique Material

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