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An unapologetically sharp combination. Concrete, a classic building material, combined with a high-end construction material – carbon. The beast and the beauty creating one principal emotion together. The table stands proudly on a dense and heavy raw concrete base, firmly holding a delicate yet dominant carbon fiber desk shaped to please the needs of a true leader. The layout is striking and direct. Just picture yourself at your next meeting, sitting at the head, enjoying a perfect view of everyone and everything.

Why this table?

  • Conference and/or meeting table
    for up to 10 people
  • Easily handles a weight of 200 kilograms,
    even at its far edge
  • Carbon sandwich construction
    technology with internal reinforcing ribs
  • Massive leg cast from high-strength
    concrete for perfect stability
  • Concrete surface treated with
    a water-repellent protective layer
  • Optional electric or data connection
  • Integrated castors for easier manipulation
  • Finished with UV stable hard varnish
  • Color combination and shade
    of varnishing of your choice



Length432 cm14.17 ft
Depth218 cm7.15 ft
Height75 cm2.46 ft

Unique Shapes

Thanks to a Unique Material

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